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We always take a "strategy comes first approach". My team and I are totally focused on how we can help your business succeed. Consider us as your strategic marketing partner. We will take a holistic view of your company, sector, markets, and work with you to develop objectives with underpinning KPI to deliver powerful results and ROI.

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We are hands on and strategic with a specialist focus on the tech, IT and engineering sectors. We love helping businesses to grow. We have a passion for writing copy and producing content about tech products and sectors. My years of experience and my team's flexible approach enables us to easily jump between projects that need a hands on approach, from developing CRM, marketing, SEO, social & digital campaigns, writing articles to pushing up Google ranking or organising and speaking at international conferences. I also consult on strategy to CEO (s).

Social media papers Peter has written

Paper for IT Moscow Conference - Social Media In The IT Sector

Paper for the Association of Project Managers (APM) Knowledge Share Conference in London - Taking Stake Holder management To The Next Level

Paper for UK House of Lords Presentation - What Part Does Social Media Play in Innovation and Leadership of The Innovation Process?

'I spend my leisure time in the outdoors'

Social Media Consultant

From cities to jungles and to the Arctic, the outdoors is my playground. I like to climb and cave, taking time out to go adventuring in remote places as well as travelling through interesting counties. Experiencing the values that the country has by travelling and living as a local. Taking time in each country, dividing it into sections and taking holidays to each section so I can develop a fuller and richer understanding of the people and the culture.

On holiday my wife, Kirsty, and I do not stay in hotels and comfort, this is not for us rather tents, snow holes and hostels, exciting experiences shared and distance travelled in pursuit of a fuller and more interesting life......

Social Media Consultant


It is important that people have the confidence to trust you to be professional & deliver what is required, without equivocation.


Social Media Consultant


I believe that people should be passionate about all they do. About their work & their home life, living with fire & enthusiasm.

"Peter shows great vision and you remember the effect his input has had on your business--you also remember the braces! He has always shown great understanding of the goals we are working to and he dovetails his activities into our organisation so that everything becomes as one. Martyn C

"Peter is fun to work with and full of great ideas that help formulate business tactics and strategies. I have found him to be an excellent sounding board and provider of thoughtful and imaginative solutions.l.. Arnab D

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Social Media Consultant